About Us

Best in Care are the specialist providers of first aid training and in-home support.

We are the experts dedicated to health care only.

Our training staff are all qualified nurses and/or emergency services personnel with experience in both first aid and training. All hold at least a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment Certification.

Our in-home support team consists of nurses and aged care professionals dedicated to enabling independence and helping people to live well in their own homes.

Our trainers

We match your training needs to the professional experience of our enthusiastic trainers.

  • Nurses from the Royal Children’s Hospital train our teachers and child carers,
  • Nurses who have worked in mental health, disability, child and youth, and home care train our clients in the not-for-profit sector,
  • Nurses who have worked on site in large industry train our corporate clients,
  • Trainers that are personally familiar sports injuries train our fitness and sport coaches, and
  • Nurses from the aged care sector train our aged care clients.

Our trainers have trained 1000’s of people across all industries and sectors and we are proud that a large portion of our bookings come through referrals from satisfied customers. We aim to make your training a fun and informative experience. We look forward to assisting you with your health care training needs.

Our in-home support team

Personally selected and trained by us. We match your support needs and preferences to one of our committed care staff.

Our care staff have enabled people throughout Victoria to maintain a happy healthy and independent lifestyle.


Jane-Ellen has built a solid career and a highly respected reputation in the community services sector. A career in nursing followed by further academic studies in law and education has served successful hands-on and administrative appointments in acute nursing, disability, children, youth and aged care sectors.

Drawing on real life examples and as an expert in first aid techniques, Jane-Ellen supports development of all her trainees through a practical, uncomplicated approach to training.

Jane-Ellen was born into the aged care sector with her family owning and operating several successful aged care facilities. Starting at a very young age, there is hardly a position in the aged care industry which Jane-Ellen herself has not held. She has a genuine passion and respect for the clients we all support through our program of Best in Care Training and Best in Care in-home support for the elders of our community.

Jane-Ellen firmly believes in the rights of all people, young, old or infirm, and is committed to providing the best in care to all.